December 14th, 2004


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so... in talking to some of the players in my group i have decided that i will start my pc at 6th level, but as a first level bard. when i join in he'll be a 5th level fighter and a 1st level bard, a 6th level character matched with theirs. since i plan to play him as a bard, i'm tailoring his fighter levels to suit that and making him a knife fighter. he's human, so by 6th level he should have 6 feats, or so, i can't remember the rules exactly, but between the fighter class and the bonus feats he should be sitting pretty. anyway, i'm probably pulling a combo of some/all/most of these feats:
point blank shot
precise shot
rapid shot
weapon focus (dagger)
weapon specialization (dagger)
weapon finesse
far shot

there is only one problem with what i plan to do, as i see it, a dagger does 1d4 damage. i don't anticipate having a very good STR bonus for damage, if i roll three high scores they'll go to CHA, DEX, and INT, i usually don't roll more than 3 high scores. some of the feats improve damage. still, 1d4.

so i should be hitting pretty often and pretty consistently, with a high dex and the above feats. but damage... other than weapon specialization, which will give me +2 damage, is there anything i can do to improve my damage? i suppose of i have a moderately high str and get a +1 bonus i'd have 1d4+3 damage, with two attacks every round so a potential of 2d4+6, 14 damage max, double on a crit. still, not great. any ideas for how to improve my knife fighter?