December 13th, 2004


low level PC / high level party

i'm dm'ing for a party of players who will soon be 6th level. at or about that time, i'll be passing the reigns to one of the players so he can take a turn DMing and I can take a turn playing. i'm glad of this because i much prefer playing, although i enjoy both. anyway i want to play a bard and when i play a new character i prefer to start at first level. he says i can start at 6th level to match the other PC's or first if i prefer. i can't decide. my puny first level bard would die pretty fast once the arrows start flying in an EL6 encounter, but i like to grow into my character and if i do survive, i'll level up pretty quickly compared to the others, because of the high level encounters. i can't decide what to do. i suppose i could try to avoid fighting as much as possible. i still think i'll die almost immediately, but i want to try it. not sure. what do you think?