December 7th, 2004


Thanks to those who responded to my DM question. =D Big Help Indeed.

now HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE D&D (any edition/setting) to a first time player?

I'd say it's an adventure of the mind. Using imagination to be in another place. A place where goblins roam and other evil things, a place where you can control your destiny in a land of swords and magic. And etc. I am not sure if im hitting something here but i might.

Let me know what you think.
Vampire Rodent
  • siege72

Fireball arrow

One of my players (an archery-oriented ranger) wants arrows that detonate like a fireball when they hit. Using the DMG's "single use, use activated", I figured the price to be 750 GP each.

I'm thinking about making the use a full-round action (move equivalent to "prime" the arrow, and standard action to fire).

Any ideas about other restrictions or limitations? Or is it just a bad idea overall?