December 6th, 2004


Gifts for Gamers

We're having a white elephant gift exchange in my D&D group ($20-30.) Any ideas for a unique gift any gamer would enjoy? All I'm comin' up with here is metal dice, a short sword off of ebay (thought it would be funny to get one of the decorative, wall-hanging ones) and The Planar Handbook, since my campaign is set in a planar setting and only one of my seven players owns this book...

Thought some fellow gamer collaboration might help here. I also bought a chainmail pouch for everyone and a pound of Chessex dice for them to sort through and pick from for Christmas. :-)
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Just a question I'm curious about: What monster(s) from first and/or second edition of Dungeons & Dragons would you love to see make a come back in the next monster manual/compendium?

Though it's shown in The Book of Exalted Deeds I'd love to see the Moon Dog make an appearance, along with the Grell from the second edition Monsterous Manual. Who can resist a dog with hands and a freaky looking tentacled brain that has a bird's beak?

I forgot to list the amirah from the first edition Dungeons & Dragons books. That's another I'd love to see make a return.

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