December 3rd, 2004


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I'm running a campaign that takes place on a broken world. The pieces that are left float in space and they travel from island to island having adventures. They're currently on a jungle island and I'm running them through Rana Mor, from a back issue of Dungeon magazine. There's another island nearby, visible from the island they're on now, thet they'll probably go to next. I'd like the next island to have a western feel. It's a rough and tumble frontier town. And I would like to have shoot-outs. The thing about shoot-outs is, they're deadly. Thing about combat in D&D is, it's not. Not immediately anyway. And I don't really want it to be. But what's the threat in being challenged to s ahout-out if, when you lose the shoot-out, you take 1d6 damage? BFD, you know? What I'm considering is using the rennaisance firearms as described in the DMG, only one-shot weapons, but use a house rule that says on a successful critical hit, the target needs to make a Fort Save, DC 10+Attacker's Ranged attack modifier, or drop to zero hit points. What do you think? Too harsh? I'll demonstrate the rule in effect to the PC's before they fall victim to it, so they would know being challenged to a shoot-out is a big deal. And it's not easy to do an instant kill. Anyway, what do you think?