November 30th, 2004


I want my Mummy

I am to play a mummified inflictor(a custome designed class done as a reversal of the healer class from the miniatures handbook). A mummy has an intelligence modifier of -4, so I put one of his two high scores in intelligence, dropping it to 14. I put his other high score into wisdom. His wisdom, modified is around 20. So, my question is how I should play this mummy. He is a thinking creature, and wise. Is he crafty? Is he calculating? How much intellectual capability is he capable of, like in the movie, the mummy where he is intelligent and cunning. I don't want to play "the mummy" I want to play a character who happens to be a mummy.Any thoughts?

Oh, I used the mummified template from savage species. +4 level adjustment.

edit: I have now included details about the character and the inflicter prestige class for everyone's perusal. Enjoy.
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OK, I'm a dork...

If anybody out there has a copy of Song & Silence, can you please send out a shout? I need a copy of the garotte rules from that book...and my copy of S&S has vanished into the ether...and I can't find a replacement anywhere. :(

Help? Pleeease?
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