November 23rd, 2004


Magic Mouth

This spell imbues the chosen object or creature with an enchanted mouth that suddenly appears and speaks its message the next time a specified event occurs.

wow. that's an awful lot of play room for a first level bard spell, sin't it? what's to stop the PC from using it as a catch all passive scan detect spell?

message: Look out, Chester
condition: medallion the spell is cast on is within 5' of an invisible creature.

see where i'm going? sure it speaks out loud but its permanent and passive, goes off as soon as a condition is met. the spell description doesn't limit the conditional trigger at all, and the spell doesn't appear to be affectd by spells that inhibit detection. did i find a loophole here or what? how would you rule if someone tried this in your game? "creative spell use" or "rules abuse"?