November 22nd, 2004


HI! The names Clinton or C-Note. I've been playing D&D for around 2 years now and I love it! DUH!

Anyways I would like it if you guys answered a question for me. I have been thinking about opening a small/medium size SHOP for gaming located in Michigan because that's where i live.

It would feature the selling of D&D and other RPG game books/ accesiories, Magic the Gathering and other various cards for sale, miniatures, places to sit and play, rooms to play RPG's in, a little area with a TV to watch movies like LOTR or games like Halo and such. Some food would be sold to replinsh energy. Weekly tournaments would be a must with nice prizes and so on. Basically it's this, "A Rec Center for geeks". I would always try to get low low prices on w/e but a good quality. What are your thoughts, comments, ideas?


If You Have Spare Time to Critique...

If anyone has a ton of free time to read over my last four sessions' synposis listings and give me suggestions as what they would add to the plot/enemy encounters/any other fleshy detail to my campaign, please go here: shining_citadel.

I could always use input from different imaginations as my own has a pattern that veteran players seem to nail no matter how much I try to take them off guard. :-)
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Wonderous Items

Ok, here's the deal. I'm running an elven bard who's currently at 3rd level. I have the feat Create Wondrous Items. I know my 0-level spells don't amount to much in respect to this feat but my 1-level spells are Charm Person, Sleep, and Cure Light Wounds. Does anyone have any good ideas for wondrous items I could create now or create in the future? We also got ambushed by these Pixies and Grigs and became their playthings until they got bored, however when I tried to use countersong on the "fairy fiddle" I rolled a critical miss and was forced to play right along on my violin for many hours. Afterwards, though, I asked the DM if I could write down the song I had just got done playing repeatedly so it has become part of my song/epic book. Does anyone know if, with practice, I could perform "fairy fiddle" just like a Grig?

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OT: National Gaming Week

This is National Games Week.

From the Website: "We are celebrating non-electronic games, with events throughout the USA during National Games Week."

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I hope no one gets mad for me crossposting, but I think its important to get out, especially in the gaming genre that we play in.
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