November 18th, 2004

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D&D Stores in LA?

Howdy... just recently joined this group.

I'm looking for a gaming store in the LA area that sells D&D paraphernalia. More than just the manuals, I'm looking for miniatures, dice, etc. I recently moved here (Burbank/Van Nuys area) and have no idea where anything is.

Any suggestions? Stores in the valley are preferable.


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Howdy all!

Quick word:
In a forum I'm on (PLANETADND.COM *shamless plug for more members*), the topic of the "Vow of Poverty" from the "Book of Exaulted Deeds" came up. The topic came up just in time for a campaign I'm about to start playing in, so I figured I'd see what kind of psychotic, holy, ass-kicking zealot I could manufacture by using some of the Feats from "The Book of Exaulted Deeds".

And now the meat..

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Anyway, please let me know what you think :)


How often does everyone take breaks during game (as in, you stop game and get some time for the smokers to smoke, the coffee drinkers to refill their coffee, the talkers to talk about life outside of game, etc. etc.)?
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