November 16th, 2004



Ok, I know that according to the SRD ...a multiclass monks face a special restriction. A monk who gains a new class or (if already multiclass) raises another class by a level may never again raise her monk level... Be that as it may, suppose you have an arcane spellcaster/monk multi-classed character who uses a touch spell, one of the many that say You must succeed on a touch attack to strike a target in the spell description. That being the case, I would think if the character cast the spell, then made a hand-to-hand attack, and:

rolled high enough to score a touch attack but not a melee attack: the spell would take effect

rolled high enough to score a melee attack: both the spell effects including damage and the normal hand-to-hand damage would take effect


DM woes

My PC's are kicking ass. Lucky rolls, good strategies, and they're plowing through very challenging encounters. Maybe I'm taking it too easy on them but on paper the tables are not evenly matched, they should be getting THEIR butts kicked, not vice versa. And I don't want to err in the opposite direction because I know they're getting lucky, the things they're wiping the floor with should really be putting a hurt on them, but they aren't. If I beef it up too much and the fates turn, they're toast. What to do, what to do? I suppose the dice will turn eventually ut these guys are getting too cocky for their own good.

character ideas.

So I'm currently DM'ing but I miss playing and I'll have an opportunity to play soon. I'm toying with character concepts, the monk/sorcerer combo I posted about below was one I was considering but I probably won't go with it because it needs too many high scores and I really don't like multi-classing either monks or sorcerers, regardless of the rules problems caused by my touch spell/unarmed attack combo. I'm also not in the mood to play Lawful-Anything. The other idea I had, one I copped from my wife is for a swashbuckler pirate type bard. I've never played a bard and it seemed like a neat idea. I'd be Chaotic Neutral, the bad boy with a heart of gold type, Cap'n Jack Sparrow, etc. But then I was on and I saw a game called 3-foot ninja, or something like that, and I got the awesome idea of playing a halfling fighter/rogue ninja type guy with a high disguise skill, who poses as a human child when he's not busy kicking-ass. Seemed like a fun idea. I still can't decide. I'll probably end up going with the pirate. I have no idea why I'm even positng this here. I'm bored. blah.
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Sharing 5' Squares

Back when I first started running 3E with my group, I made a serious mistake. The issue of two characters sharing a single 5-foot square came up, and I decided to allow it. It was abused more times that I can think about, including three characters sharing a square during combat.

Now that I'm running a brand-new campaign, I want to do things differently. But if I disallow 5' square sharing totally, the players will revolt.

Right now, I've house ruled that that for every additional person in a square, there's a cumulative -5 penalty to everything: skill checks, attack rolls, saving throws, AC, etc as well as 25% chance of spell failure.

The players think my modifiers are extreme and unfair. I'm willing to bend a little bit, but having minor penalties seems to invite abuse.

Any thoughts?