November 11th, 2004

Quickie: Munchkinism Ahoy!

The progression of said character is so:


Now.. we all know how the Mystic Theurge class works, it's one of the most broken friggin prestige classes there is. If not.. here's the breakdown: Each level you gain as a Mystic Theurge, you gaine +1/+1 spellcasting level to your Divine/Arcane spellcasting levels.

When you hit level 2 as a spellsword, you assign +1 spellcasting level to one of your previous spellcasting classes. If I assign this +1 level to Mystic Theurge (which IS a spellcasting class), does this mean that I get the +1/+1 spellcasting level to my Divine/Arcane spellcasting levels?

Loophole in the rules that allows me to make a ridiculous character, or something I'm just missing?

The exact wording:

Mystic Theurge Spells Per Day:
+1 lvl of existing arcane spellcasting class/+1 lvl of existing divine spellcasting class

This trend continues every level for 10 levels.

Spellsword Spells Per Day:
+1 level of existing class

Problem: "She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained, except for an increased effective level of spellcasting".

Technically... the way I'm reading this, a Spellsword could level up as a Spellsword and still gain the benefits of the Mystic Theurge class (+1/+1 Arcane/Divine) without ever dumping any levels into Mystic Theurge again.

A Cleric/Wizard/MT/Spellsword could indeed run around wearing a suit of mithral fullplate, casting Arcane and Divine spells at the same rate/level, and have no armor penalty assigned to his Arcane spells.

Speaking of the Mystic Theurge...

Since thanitus brought up the Mystic Theurge, I was reminded of a question I wanted to ask about this prestige class.

I have a player who is a fairy cleric/wizard that plans on eventually taking the Mystic Theurge as a prestige. Who here thinks this prestige class is too powerful? What are the weak points that keep it in check/balance, if you think there are any? What would you do to bring this powerful spellcaster back into the general level/power of a group, if, in fact, this person is too powerful?

I'm looking for an answer besides don't allow the Mystic Theurge prestige class. :-)
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Rule Lookup Request

My copy of Libris Mortis won't be in 'til Monday, but I've got a character they going to be heading for the new True Necromancer prestige class, which I'll most likely have to level up this weekend end.

Could somebody with access to Libris Mortis tell me the requirements for the True Necromancer prestige class?

Thank you muchly.

(Email ( / IM is fine, if you'd rather not leave it in a comment)