November 9th, 2004


Zombie Whale, Bad Idea.

Last night I underestimated what the powers of a simple zombie template could do to a cachalot whale and my party nearly died (had I not fudged a lot of its stats down halfway through the battle). These are level five characters fighting from a ship that still miraculously floats. But once converted, the whale had an AC of 27. I didn't convert its attack bonuses, but I believe thye'd be higher than its living counterpart, whihc is a +17 to hit with its bite attack for 4d6+12 damage. The bastard had 24 HD, all d12s. Sadly, the party has only a bard for an arcane spellcaster and the cleric was absent.

Just a word of warning for anyone who thinks a little zombie template is just a way to spice the game up.
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A request

For a campaign I'm playing in, I'm trying to find an appropriate Prestige Class for the character. The character is a wandering Cleric, on a mission to discoer his place in the world (his race, in this setting, has just awoken from 1500 years of magically enduced slumber).

I've a number of possiblities from published sources and online, but one of note I cannot find is the Mystic Wanderer class, from _Magic of Faerun_. I've been to a number stores locally, but none seem to have it in stock, and this is the only thing I need from the book.

If some kind soul, out there, could send me a copy of the class (or a pointer to where it may already be online) I would greatly appreciate it. Some kind soul sent me a copy elsewhere. Thank you.

(As I realize this is technically a request for copyrighted worksI'm screening comments. if someone is kind enough to reply with the class, I'll note such here and rescind my request, without publishing the class in general. That should put my request near, if not in fair use. Any other comments I'll send through.)

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for other PrCs I should look at, I'd apprecaite the pointers.