October 31st, 2004



I am a newly entered DM /PC who entered this community by aknowledgement of a PC of mine. I am currently DMing 2 campaigns at once(quite use to it over the last few years at coollege) One is the "Main" campiagn that has to deal with PErn from Anne McAffrey. I have changed a lot of the background and INfo about the world to allow conflicts and major confrontations, but it works really really well. I have several regular PC's and soimetimes we recruite Nembies from freshman class every year. My other campaign is all eveil, STRICTLY evil in a prior campiang world.
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3.5 rules for damage + power attacks

HI everyone, just a quick rules clarification. A friend of mine says that when using a weapon in two hands, regardless of it's size, your Power Attack damage bonus doubles,(I.E. is you were using a longsword in one hand with power attack and a ST of 14, you'd be doing +7 damage (+2 ST bonus, +5 Power Attack), same character, two hands on longsword, according to him you'd be doing +13 damage (+3 ST bonus, +10 Power Attack). This doesn't seem correct to me, can somebody clarify?

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New comer II

Well this is a finish off of my previous entry. Like I said I have two campaigns. My second is pure evil run by the charecters and there controllers whims. I just get to sit back and relax in this campaign and watch the fire works fly. So much chaos happens at once and I can stop it with a simple twist of my DM powers. LOL, i love saying that. ANyways. I am also a PC player, rarely. It is hard to find a good DM around this area. The last one I had was a complete Power Freak and I ended up killing my first charecter by killing his main NPC who I guess was needed throughout the entire campign. So one day IO got sick of his NPC gloating and I walked up to him while invisible, cast on me by a fellow PC bard, and stabbed three steaks through his heart. I was attacked and then was thought to be "a vampire" because I was acting weird. Grrr, I hated that DM. So I am now back to DMing, I fell much better knowing what is coming up and being able to think on my feet. I am the type of DM who gives his PC's what they want and then show them that they choose the wrong things because they worry about the worng things. My regular PC's really like this. Because I am in college we play very long sessions, usually 12-16 hour sessions when we can. Any way, I also have a favorite character I like to use in all my campaigns in different ways each time. His name is Migrandasa. He is a Half-Orc Barbarian. Let's just say with and INT of 5, he was interesting to use as a PC, and now even more fun to use as a DM. OK, well HI. and Ill update again.
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False Life

I have no temporary hit points.
I cast False Life on myself, rolling a (d10+level) total of 10. I get 10 temporary hit points.
I am then wounded and lose 5 of those temporary hit points.
I cast False Life again, rolling a total of 6.

How many temporary hit points do I have now?
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ok, im evil. i need to know if anyone has bothered to write up a monster sheet for the Uluu Thalongh. for those that have it, they describe him in the forgotten realms campaign setting book (pg 105). it sounds like an awesomecreature and i want to someday be able to put that against an epic level group *evil grin*
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Because I'm a huge psionics nut...

I've been a psionics nut since I first saw it in AD&D 2nd Ed with Sciences, Disciplines, PSPs, and the like. Since then, I've always had at least one psionic character with every system. I even had one with the horribly underpowered / overpowered version of 3.0 Psionics (if you don't know what I mean, consider yourself lucky).

However, since the publication of the Expanded Psionics Handbook, I've been one of its biggest proponents on the WotC boards, as I feel it is a very well balanced system. Moreso than Complete Warrior / Divine, the 3.0 splatbooks and the like. To this end, today when I was bored at work, I wrote this post up and figured I'd bring it over here to the LJ community I belong to, as well. Keep in mind this was the second draft as the first one was lost when the application crashed... But I still think it came out pretty good.

If the D&D Psionics system doesn't interest you, it's probably not worth the read. But if you're one of the folks who thinks it's broken, overpowered, in need of nerfing, etc and don't allow it in your campaigns or know people who don't for that reason, I'd suggest reading it. I tried to cover the few points that are commonly viewed as the "overpowered" / "abusable" aspects of the XPH and even gave some examples of how to curb those possible abuses if you deem them necessary.

Myth: The XPH is overpowered

Constructive feedback always welcome. If you don't like XPH, then that's not your cup of tea and no hard feelings, but don't bring the hate here. Thanks :)