October 26th, 2004


::Peeks over her Monster Manual::

Yyyyyyyep. I'm back again (or here for the first time, in some cases). Miss me?

Just looking for some opinions here. I have reached that *crucial* point in the game I'm running where the situation no longer feels like a weekend errand, a jaunt in the woods or even a playful treasure hunt. Thus, I need to send some monsters'n'stuff at my players. They're 1st level and are either newbies or rusty (haven't played since 2nd ed.). They are entering a maze of caves right now, and there's a silver dragon being held captive that they need to free in order to appease the gods. But, naturally, all those critters with "nasty, sharp, pointy teeth" are in between them and the dragon. I'd kind of like to stay away from the undead, if possible. It's rather overdone in most games.

So, what do you think I should throw at my four 1st level players?

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Female Dwarf Beards?

Tolkien suggested at it. Forgotten Realms says yes. Dragonlance says kinda. PHB makes no mention of them. Discworld says yes, and to comic ends. But where do you stand? Do dwarven females have beards? And what are your reasons for supporting either?

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