October 24th, 2004


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For a Ranger's favored enemy or a bane weapon, you have to be more specific regarding outsiders and humanoids, but can you be as vague as choosing an elemental subtype? Or an alignment subtype? Or what about Aquatic or Reptilian?
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Can a hand be a fist?

My character (who is not a Monk and does not have Improved Unarmed Strike) has just learned a touch attack spell (Chill Touch).

1) Can Magic Fang give a +1 to hit with this spell? I think so (the spell says "fists", Chill Touch says "hand") but I suspect the intent is that I would have to then deliver the attack as an unarmed strike (with the associated AoO, full-AC instead of touch-AC, and, in my case, damage penalty for STR).

2) How about the +1 damage from Magic Fang. This, I suspect, really needs an unarmed strike.

3) Can I "fight defensively" with it? SRD says "when attacking". I think I'm on safe ground in saying that a touch attack is an attack?