October 20th, 2004



what do you do if one of the players is always using knowledge that their character would have no way of knowing?

personally, i think it takes away from the game when people do that. one of our players used to DM and knows all about lots of the monsters and uses that knowledge in character. if he would make a knowledge check or if we had faced that type of monster before that would be fine, but that's not what i'm referring to. he's done this many times in two different campaigns now.

also, he's been having his character act weird lately for no reason [in character]. he, as a player, just doesn't want to talk to NPCs in the campaign so he has his character get up and leave. twice, when we were in the middle of eating in the inn and NPCs approached us and he just POOF gets up and leaves the table without a word. the first time, he went to the bar and talked to the innkeeper. the second time, he went out to the stables. by the way, he plays a paladin.

that business isn't such a big deal. BUT, for me, it just ruins the flow of the scene in my head and it takes me out of the game. if there was a reason, it'd be perfectly fine thing. but for someone to be that rude, there really should be a reason and/or repercussions.

what do you all think? any suggestions as to how to handle it?
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[[coming out from hiding..]]

I need some advice.
I'm running a campaign, and it's my first. Currently, I have a halfling psion/rogue running around in the group, and in the last game session, decided to rob a wealthy inn keeper. Through and through he (in character, she) sucessfully found the secret door that led to the innkeepers "apartment" that is within a extradimensional space, found and disabled the forbiddance trap, picked the complex amazing lock (10 sucesses of a 40 open lock check a la Unearthed Arcana), made it up the stairs in darkness, as per the spell, robbed the guy almost completely blind, and only caught when he picked up a carved duck with emerald eyes, and triggered a soundburst spell out of the keepers nightstand. (Never, NEVER, pick up a duck. Just bad news.) Now for the kicker.. the innkeeper was in the room, banging a barwench.
Don't have a problem with this. (Even if he is only 8th level. Shows he just knows how to build them.) The problem I had, was obviously this took some time to game out. I had other players in the party, who, out of character, were bored spitless.
Any ideas on how to speed the process up/keep things interesting for everyone? The character did this at the equivalent to 4 or 5 in the morning, and the other PCs (minus one who I dealt with quickly do to stupidity on his part) were sleeping. I tried the whole speed time up thing for the sleeping characters to let them get on with the next day, and go back and forth, but even still, it was slightly strained.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm thinking of creating a mystical ninja sort of character by multiclassing sorcerer and rogue. I'm trying to focus on the idea of 'ninja magic', like teleporting and disappearing into shadows and multiform techniques, which are all clearly accomplishable with standard Sor/Wiz spells, such as Dimension Door and Invisibility. I'm looking for a prestige class to combine these classes a little more thoroughly. What I'd like is a kind of bonus to casting spells on the defensive, like the Bladesinger has, though Bladesong isn't quite what I'd like the ninja to go for. Arcane Trickster does combine aspects of both classes, but I'm looking for more stealth skills rather than mischief and burglary. I can always just create a PrC myself, but I wanted to see if one existed that had what I'm looking for.
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