October 18th, 2004


What Would You Do With a Fairy PC?

I have a player who has his heart set on playing a fairy using the description found in Legends and Lairs: Mythic Races. I think this is wonderful that he wants a challenge and would like to try a race so incredibly small and often restricted in many ways, and I encourage it. I was wondering what your outlooks were on how to work with this player regarding equipment and the like. Can he use wands? Potions? How would you handle equipment in a situation where you had a fairy PC? Are there other things you would do to make this PC mesh in with otherwise difficult areas for playing a race so...well, tiny and uncommon?

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this community is the only lj roleplaying community that i'm part of where anyone posts with any frequency, so i figure this is as good a place as any to ask:

does anyone know of any good LJ communities for roleplayers in new england, specifically NH? i'm moving up there in April and i finally got a good regular weekly game going and i'm going to miss it when i move. so i'd like to do a little pre-emptive networking before i move and try to find some gamers up there.

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the players are currently touring an ancient abandonned subterranean monastary. one of the principal inhabitants is a monk ghost. at one point or another the monk will (try to) possess one of the pc's and may stay there for a while, at least until he's cleared and sanctified the monastary. has anyone ever done anything like this? i was considering writing up a combat stat block along with a breif character sketch and some roleplaying notes to whichever player whose character gets posessed but i'm not sure anyone in my crew would appreciate being forced to change characters for an extended period. i was also thinking of making it a brief thing, let him posess someone, cause a little havoc then leave, and then if a pc goes to 0 hp let the ghost take over the body until someone stabilizes them. either way what do you think? i'm not sure any of the players would like that but kind of like the idea and i'd to try it.
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Hi! I'm, um, new. and a girl! yay girls.

I haven't actually played a good game of D&D. I have read up on it, ect, ect, and I love a setting I saw that linked D&D and D20 modern (it involves the githyanki getting their arses whooped by the Canadians and sniper rifles. harhar. 'It's a Leaf! Sweet Lich Queen, We were defeated by a LEAF?!') And from that has come my favorite (actually doable without pulling of hair) character, a neutral good Githyanki. his name is Isaac. *cough*

I have played a twitch of Baldur's Gate 2, and almost all of Planescape: Torment (which runs on the 2E rules, but-).

Well, I joined because, actually, I came up with a class, and I'd like to see if someone else liked it besides my buddies. It's called the Planar Channeler, which is basically a Divine spellcasting class that draws power from the planes itself, and not from the gods. it's the Agnostic/non-believing character's class.

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Today I had a campaign idea. (Don't know if I'd ever actually use it, but I thought I'd toss it out for other GMs.)

Tell one player you're running a d20 Modern game and have her make up a character. Ther rest of the players know the truth though, you're actually running D&D and all their characters are made accordingly. Upon start of the game, d20 Mod character is confronted with a demon, Giant Evil, whatnot and is hurled into a portal/unconsciousness/whatever. PC wakes up in a medieval D&D world of your campaign, and joins the other PCs in their quest, largely with hooks at finding the boogie monster that brought him here in the first place.

Now immediately, the unprepared player has likely made some choices that might seem worthless now. Perhaps if the PC took many ranks in Computer Use, it could be found that the PC's knowledge of programming is analogous to magic, and could make spellcraft checks with the skill (maybe be able to get a bonus to Use Magic Device). Repair could likely be used to restore HP to constructs and objects. Craft might be able to build modern items in the D&D setting(using d20 Modern craft rules) a la Ash.

The Modern PC could advance in any Modern basic class, as well as any D&D class she chooses. Only Modern classes are a favored class to the Modern human. Modern Advanced Classes are not available. The PC will have no action points, unless you're playing in Eberron.

Certain consideration arises if the Modern PC is created as a gamer. Should the PC manage to bring D&D rulebooks into the world, certain things change about them:
~the PHB become a spellbook with mildly useful (though unfamiliar, must be deciphered) spells within.
~the DMG is blank, no cheating
~the MM gives a +5 bonus to the appropriate knowledge check regarding indentifying and understanding a monster
~Any regional FR book (assuming you're playing in FR) or the Greyhawk Gazetteer (assuming you're in Greyhawk) Gives +5 to Knowledge (geography) or Knowledge (local) if appropriate for the book.
Though without prior knowledge of the game's purpose, I don't see this occuring much.