October 13th, 2004


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An idea a player of mine is having to use an ability in a video game in a prestige class, but we're having trouble transfering it into the D20 mechanics. In Shinobi 3, the character sacrifices his life (losing his life, but in a video game you have 4 of 5 lives) and all the opponents on the screen die. My idea is that the PC would, as a full-round action, magically forfeit his life force (drop to 0 or -1 hp) and all those within a 30-foot radius would have to make a Fortitude saving throw (I'm thinking against a DC 10 + caster level + constitution modifier) or die. I think that's reasonable. He doesn't like the fact that we don't know of any other thing in D&D where you forfeit hit points or ability points for an effect.

Can anyone give me a recommendation on what to do or an example of forfeiting HP for an effect?

Bards and Classes

What's with everyone's beef about the bard? It seems no one has anything good to say about this class.

In your opinion, what is the favored class of 3rd edition, and the worst class? I dread the mass response of bard being the class nobody likes.
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i need an idea for a sidequest for a 3rd level mage and a 3rd level rogue. preferably something in the wilderness. half my players can't make it, fighter, ranger, cleric, and the rogue and mage still want to play. in all likelihood they'll be out in the wilderness at that time. maybe i could have them get seperated form the other three and make them find their way back. or maybe for some reason the others in the party fall prey to something they survive, and they have to rescue them.

Chaotic Neutral = My Mortal Enemy

I know I just posted, but now that I have the bard issue somewhat resolved in my mind, I have another question of debate that's been bothing me for awhile:

Chaotic Neutral. The Player's Handbook does a good job defining this, but sometimes I think players stretch it a little too far. It kind of has turned into an "I'll do what I want" alignment. What are your takes on this alignment, and how it is incorporated into a group of mostly good-aligned characters? (This alignment poses a special problem with the paladin and lawful good, which I did a post in _roleplayers_ about.)
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Well, I have a warforged cleric who laments the ability of organic creatures to create young. Therefore it is his goal to build constructs(sadly, not living constructs like himself, and probably of limited mental capability). My question is which construct do you think would be best/easiest for him to make? With a Cleric's spell list that limits the amount available already, and I know there are lots of constructs over the three MMs and the Fiend Folio. Any suggestions?
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