October 11th, 2004


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Hey, guys ... I've been having a lot of fun doing my first D&D campaign as DM. I've come up with some nice ways to do stuff and the only problems I'm having is concealment; namely when one of my PCs who is a drow casts darkness and when my PCs use something that makes them invisible.

Firstly, my problem is that I was thinking that the "invisibility" was like that of the predator's; that when they move, you can kinda see/hear them, hence the 10 and 20 Spot/Listen checks within 30 feet, but my players are looking at it as more of a LOTR/Clash of the Titans thing as where the only way you can track them is by the sounds of footsteps, moovement of foliage or something, and footprints. What I'm really looking for is and easy to understand chart or specific directions because I don't like the way I've been doing it. What I would do is a PC would drink a potion of invisibility. We'd leave their miniature there. They would move or then move then attack or whatever, citing what they would do for rules clarification. If they moved or attacked, any NPC within 30 feet is entitled to a Spot/Listen check of DC 20 to find their general location. After everything is understood to be OK, they'd write down the number of where they are at (my mat has numbered hexagons which is convenient for this) and keep it secret. My NPCs would have to guess (by choosing a hexagonal number) of where the PC is. Roll the attack to see if it would hit their AC. Roll the miss chance of 30% (which I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but, to me, 01-30% is a hit and 31-100% is a miss, so I'd like that clarified), and then they tell me if I hit them, then I would roll damage.

I know I screwed up by giving them access to so much invisibility stuff because I didn't take into account how powerful it was. Mistake cited, heh.

The other thing is the PC who is a drow started out as a blind character and has Blindfight as a feat and letting him be blind for so long, I've let him not suffer penalties in melee and stuff like that, but when he casts darkness and he is the only one who can really do anything, it's really, REALLY annoying. I've been deducting the bonus XP I would normally give him because it's really annoying for him to take over the combat by doing that. I can understand when he is at 2 HP fighting an EL 13 and doing it for survival, but just doing it 'cuz he can is soooo annoying and I would like more information on how I can fix it so that he's not the only one who can do something or so that he has SOME type of penalties.

Yeah ... I think that's it for right now. So, let me know what you think and any info would be REALLY appreciated.
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A question...

This particular issue came up a while back when I had a dryad Paladin of mine (long story -- don't ask) reincarnated.

Now, since we weren't really sure on how to resolve it, and it wasn't really significant because she was being 'retired' that session anyway and we re-rolled the reincarnation result...

What would you say the ECL for a brown bear (reincarnation) is?

Now, keep in mind that this is what you'll get out of the deal:

+16 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, Extra Natural Attacks (Claw/Claw/Bite), 40' movement, Improved Grab, Low-Light Vision, Scent, and a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks, Large size.

My gut feeling told me an ECL of three (or possibly even four) would be about right, but I wanted some other opinions.

I took a look at a site I'd bookmarked a year or so ago (Equivalent Character Level Calculator and Guide -- http://csserver.evansville.edu/~jc84/DD3/Monster_ECL.htm), and came up with the following approximation.

+1 (One Size Category Larger than Medium or Smaller than Small [+1 per])
+1 (+5 Natural Armour [+0.2 per])
+0.2 (Extra Attacks - Claw/Claw/Bite [+0.2])
+0.2 (Scent)
+0.2 (Improved Grab)
-0.5 (Equipment Restrictions)
+1.3 (Ability Adjusts [+0.1 per physical, -0.05 per mental])
+0.2 (Str > 20)
+0.2 (+4 racial bonus to Swim [+0.05 per])

This gives us a total of 3.8, which the guide advises rounding down to 3.

Do you feel this is accurate? Are we short-changing the recipient in this manner, or giving him a nice boost in power?
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Favorite Monsters

What's your favorite monster in the Monster Manual, specifically the first one? How about the second one and third one? Why is it that's your favorite?

I always try to expand my horizons with new enemies. I get fixated on my favorites a lot of the time.
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Player Characters -- Tyrracore Campaign -- Four Worlds Campaign Series

Okay, I promise to post something useful very very soon. Starting with kind-of-now:

Below you'll find a brief introduction to Tyrracore campaign (the second of the four worlds), including the worldmap and beginning cast of characters (including PCs). If you're interested in running and/or hitchhiking some ideas from the Tyrracore campaign and you missed some of the previous posts, they're here:

Summary -- The Seraphaeon Campaign -- Four Worlds Campaign Series, and
Introduction -- Game World Overview -- Four Worlds Campaign Series

Now, if you're going to be following along with the campaign description, of the utmost importance is this link:

As you can see, it's the Tyrracore map. Very useful to figure out who's going where and what's happening in general. Circles are surface locations; triangles are underground locations. The small names beneath certain location names will get explained eventually. Some of the regions on the map have been explained in the game world overview (linked above) already, so I won't go over that again. I'll just describe new locations and their particular details as we go along. But first, let us get to know the cast of characters who will get to effectively tell the Tyrracore story...

The Tyrracore campaign can be played with 3 to 6 (maybe 7) players. As a DM, my general modus operandi is this: players can choose whatever they wish in the technical aspects of character creation (stats, race, class, name, etc.) but any unspecified character history is left to me. If you want to run the campaign as I'm going to expound it, this means that your PCs will have limited options in order to make the story work. To this end, some PC choices are optional, some are necessary, and most of them had a hand in forming the contour of the campaign story in the first place. But this will all become clear shortly.

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