October 8th, 2004


Phobic Rival

With the ideas flowing through my mind after my last post, I've had a euphoria in creating dungeons, riddles, NPCs, and other tidbits to get the campaign stabilized. I have one NPC that I've designed, a halfling rogue, that suffers from an irrational phobia, and he desires to collect the orbs (with the other "villains" or the rival group) so that he may wish this thing that causes his phobia out of the world (the legend claims the orbs, when brought together, grants one world-changing wish to their possessors, although that's not what really happens--and changing the world with these wishes is the goal of the rival group.)

So, I pose the question, what kind of irrational phobia could this halfling have? Any ideas? I've come up with ideas like him being afraid of the color red, or afraid of it raining, and would wish for red to disappear for the world or for it to never rain again. Think kind of like Malkavian if you've played Vampire before.
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Human Fighter:

1st Level Feats - starting character - Combat Expertise
Being Human - Dodge
Fighter bonus feat - Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Spiked Chain
2nd Level Fighter Feat - Mobility
3rd Level feat - Held until 4th level, then Spring Attack
4th Level fighter feat - Whirlwind attack
6th Level - Weapon Focus - Spiked Chain
6th Level Fighter feat - Weapon Specialization - Spiked Chain

I've been trying to do unique fighters for a while. My most recent attempt was a shortsword, tower shield, breast plated Roman Legionnaire. This may not sound unique, but how many characters do you know that went their entire careers with a short sword? Anyway, in once again trying to find a neat concept, I saw the Spiked Chain, and it's ability to attack with reach AND adjacent foes. Combine this with whirldwind attack...and havoc (and fun) ensue. The expertise, rather than being a prerequisite, would have been my first choice anyway...anybody who wants to run up and get swarmed and surrounded needs some sort of protection. Even if it costs a bit on his attacks. I'm toying with the idea of picking Monkey Grip up at 8th level. Then I could have a shield too, although that seems a bit...iunno. Though I do like the picture in my head of some guy spinning a 10 foot chain above his head, one handed, daring things to come closer, then mowing them down as they do. I'm also considering replacing the weapon specialization with combat reflexes, or perhaps even putting that in where Dodge is now, and bumping everything up a spot, and bumping specialization till 8th level. Any comments?

Summary -- The Seraphaeon Campaign -- Four Worlds Campaign Series

The first of the Four Worlds is Seraphaeon, the Western World where the alleged beginning of the series takes place. As I might have said before, I haven't created it yet, so just note that it "would go here." Instead of detailing that campaign, I'll offer a broader summary of the world history thus far, where it leaves the Seraphaeon campaign (regardless of what actually happens in it), but most importantly offer information pertinent to the next campaign, Tyrracore, which will be detailed with adventure descriptions and materials.

To review the game world setting, the last post was here.

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