October 7th, 2004


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If you were a DM running a magic-oriented game, what would be the role of psionics? Plainly I see how they are incorporated into Eberron, but what about other games, other settings? Where does the psion fit in? The easy answer is to point out naturally psionic monsters, like the yuan-ti and illithids. But where does it reach the PC-level? How does Joe Dwarf learn to cultivate the hoodoo in his grey matter? And what's the stigma built up around all this? Are they loners? Is there a society with psionics instead of magic holed up somewhere? Or do they pass themselves off as mages to the ignorant? I know much of this is my choice as a DM, but I'm wondering what you folks use, or would use, should psionics be part of your campaign.

On a different note:
I'm hungering for character action, but don't have the time or inclination to join a game right now. Thus I'm looking for a D&D PC game, but which 3rd ed (I know there's not many 3.5 rules games out) game would you recommend?
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so i've got a regular weekly game going with a good group who actually seem to be into it and i'm really happy. but these guys are REALLY keeping me on my toes. i'm improvising a lot more than i usually have to and at one point i found myself recomending a course of action, which i normally don't do. but this 3rd level party was hurt up real bad, all out of spells and ready to face down a zombie dire boar... i found myself giving the old "*cough*runwaway*cough*" and they did. its fun because when i design adventures i end up designing them relatively linear, like a video game. the pc's in this group aren't recognizing my line of reasoning and aren't sticking to it, and aren't doing what i expect AT ALL which is really a good thing because i'm improvising well and they are enjoying it. i don't like killing pc's but i do enjoy it when i run an encounter that really taxes them, they just barely make it, no one actually dies, and i didn't have to fudge any rolls. when that happens i feel like i really designed the encounter well. at one point they wiped the floor with a fight between them and 18 orcs and a 5th level necromancer (they managed to take out the necromancer before he cast even one spell) but they almost bought it fighting three ghasts. it was a really good night.

Artifact Based Campaign

The campaign I'm developing has an adventure centered around the characters searching for the six orbs that maintain the balance of the world (air, water, fire, earth, positive, and negative energy planes each possess an orb), and as other adventures that revolve around finding different artifacts, I'm trying very hard to make everything have a variety so that they don't get bored ("Oh look, here we go, to get yet another orb.") Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep artifacts interesting, and also, do you have any original information/content for these six outer planes?

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