October 1st, 2004


Introducing Characters At the Beginning

Hello all! I was wondering, do you have any ideas on how to introduce new PCs at the beginning of a campaign? They're not a bunch of 1st levels--they'll be starting between 2nd and 5th level. Do you have your PCs meet each other on the first session, have everyone assume they're all friends and have just been traveling together for awhile, or...? Thanks ahead of time for the suggestions!

1/2 and 1/2

Ok this is going to sound odd but bear with me here. After playing "Demon Stone", one of my friends had the idea of combining two elven species together to get something like Zhai (1/2 Drow, 1/2 Wood Elf). Since I was up of being the DM for the next campaign I took a look at it. My friend wanted to be 1/2 Drow and 1/2 Wild Elf. what it configured out was to give him the basic stats out of the PHB 3.5 for Elves (+2 Dex, - Con, I think and averged out what a drow and wild elf and only got +2 Int. Do you think i did this fair or could i have done this a different and better way. I want to keep my players happy with their characters but dont want them to be too damn powerful at Lvl 1.