September 15th, 2004


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i'm hoping to start a new campaign soon. hopefully it will work out better than any of my other attempts because i have a group of players who are actually willing to meet and play once a week. i have a question about player character requirements. i like to let my players be flexible. in the past i've gone so far as to help them make custom races or play monsters. i've had some bad experiences with the stuff from the savage species book which i just think is insanely unbalanced. this time i'm limiting them to specific races. i'm comfortable and i feel justified in making them stick to the basic races in the PHB. i am considering limiting it further. i was going to disalow elves and half-elves. the nature of the campaign is that it revolves around an ancient cataclysm. elves, long lived as they are, would remember what happened, and i can't have that. but i know that a lot of players identify with specific races and i really don't want to be too limiting. i suppose i could have elven or half elven characters in the game be members of a tribe of sylvan elves who were unaware of the events of the past when they happened. still, these elves might not know the CAUSE of what happened but they would still know WHAT happened. so anyway my question is, how do you feel about laying down such limitations, and how do you deal with player complaints?

The God Descends

So, here's the deal .. In my adventure that I'm getting ready to start, I'm wanting to have an evil god who descends to Earth and takes human shape as an amusing fat man. This leaves me with a conundrum ... How could I go about this? I want him to interact with the characters and then turn on them eventually, revealing himself and such, so I want him to be able to change form. My local hobby shop guy recommended checking out the Deities & Demigods book because it lists avatars in it, but, lo and behold, that's the only book I don't own.

So, any info?