April 15th, 2004


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I was thinking about switching to D&D 3.5 from 3.0, but I want to first get some advice. Is it worth the switch? I really don't want to wast my money if i don't have to.
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been playing since 88 or so 1st edition red blue green(?) boxes..been a long time. Just reciently got back into playing after about a 2 year leave. Learning all the new 3.5 stuff. I had a very breif run with 3.0 when it 1st came out but havent had anyone to play with since then. Just saying hello since now that I'm gaming you'll probably see my ugly mug abouts.
Im playing with all newbies, or people who havent played since 1st edition. Im ALL about player enjoyment i spend allot of time making sure what they would like to play and making suggestions.Party so far includes

Githyanki Psion/will be an IllithidSlayer AL CN
Drow rougue/will be an assasin AL LE
Human rougue/ will be shadowdancer AL NE
1/2 Elf Druid AL CN
and my one char NPC of sorts. Now i know most of you dont agree with a DM being a PC as well, but ive been doing it for years and for me it works well, becuase of my on going story who my char has become the main focus of. so shes become a NPC of sorts as well. I let the players do most of the work, but her 2 cents goes in becuase she very relivent to the story 99% of the time.
Anyway. so most of my world is evil or CN. allot of unground races have risen up to control the upper world. SO my question for you guys is since im getting back into the swing of the game and teaching the players what's what, Im gaoing to use some modules. Anyone got any ideas for some that i could use in a highly evil world. most of the ones i look at are all goody goody. thats just not ganna work here. i could alter it what i find but i just dont feel like it. =)
also my one player is really intrested in the githyanki i dont know much about them so any good info out there? I havnt found too much online

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Half-drow Bard

It's been about 6 months since I got back into DnD (after a nearly 20-year lapse!) and this weekend I'll finally get to take off the DM hat and be a player again.

My character is a female half-Drow Bard (4th level). She has Two-Weapon Fighting and Weapon Finesse so she can hold her own in battle, while her spells focus on deception and trickery (ie: Disguise Self, Invisibility, Mage Hand) to complement her Bluff and Disguise skills. She's also an accomplished Performance Artist, which is how she supports herself when not adventuring.

We'll be playing in a slightly-modified Forgotten Realms Silver Marches campaign, presumably facing a lot of Orcs and Giants and doing a bit more hack-and-slash than role-playing.

Any advice, anecdotes or ideas about how to maximize her contribution to the party would be appreciated.
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Hey, everyone. I was just something about spiked pit traps. Say, for instance, one of my player's characters fell into a ten-foot pit (10 feet from mouth to bottom), but there were five-foot spikes within...do you think I should ask her to take the 1d6 falling damamge as well? would her velocity still be sufficient to carry her down with enough force to justify her taking this damage? And if the spikes are two feet or even one foot, what then? Thanks. X-posted in several places.