March 20th, 2004

Big Daddy


*I copied this straight from my journal entry...* Anyway, if it's confusing tell me and i'll try to clarifly*


Okay, being that one of my d&d campaign is so hilarious i've decided to tell the story, it might be long. I'll lj-cut after a few lines...

Background info: I'm a Trumpet Archon Collapse )
From Celestia. There was a large war in which hells layers joined forces to steal thousands of Celestials. Apparently this happened over 30 years ago. They finally gathered enough and were soon going to sacrifice them all in order to make a dark lord.

Story: I (name: Aralyn) decided to go down into to hell to help free the Celestials. One of the main reasons being that my sister is one of the ones who is going to be sacrificed. I ask all through Celestia and no one wants to help except for one hound archon (see picture, he's the red one) named Henry. So we go on our way and meet up with a few people while trying to get to hell. We meet with a wizard (Arkor), a dwarf (Glanoric) and someone else (I forget what he was, his character dies a lot...eeh). Anyway, so apparently we get into hell. Some time between the first and fourth level we find ourselves dealing with a Rakshasa

Collapse )

who wants us to fight in the arenas of hell and find him bunches of soul shells (which are shells containing damned souls...makes sense). Anyway, I refuse to do either being that i'm a Cleric of Heironeus and it's against my alignment/beliefs etc. But my buddy Henry and the rest of the party go and fight in the arena and win the soul shells. Collapse )