March 19th, 2004

Red Spot

Arcon III (

Is there anyone here who lives in Upstate New York? Do you like role-playing, wargaming, CCG's such as magic the gathering, and Anime? Then Arcon is the place for you.

What is Arcon you ask. Arcon is a gaming convention run at SUNY Oswego, by the members of The Storytellers Guild. This will be our third year running and we expect it to be the best yet!

We are having 2 Rouge Trader Tournaments for 1 for Warhammer and 1 for Warhammer 40K. For the 2nd year we are having the Outrider Jay Woodcock come out to run both tournaments! With the possibility of the GW store inSyracuse coming out to run LotR Demos and products!

RPG's ranging from Cataclysmic Dragonlance Horror to a Hunter: The Reckoning Gahenna LARP. 48 hours straight of free Anime. Venders such as Boldo's Armory and the creators of Deleria!.

Arcon will be taking place May 7th - 9th. Its $5 a day, or $12 for the weekend. (If you run a game you get that day free, if you run 2 you get the entire weekend for $5!

Come one, come all to Arcon III.

-Deacon for Wargames and Minis
-Arcon III
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