March 10th, 2004


Vampires and Liches and Werewolves oh my...

Okay, not arguing the ethics of using evil characters like vampires and werewolves and such in a campaign, I want to talk about ECL and experience after character creation.

A vampire is a +8 level adjustment, as it should be. This means in a ninth level party a vampire can start with one character level. Fine.

If however, a character is infected with vampirism later, this modulates their level then. Say this happened to a character with 13 character levels, as it did. This would bump the character up to an epic level character, or 21st level. Fine. Now, would their experience point total jump up to the minimum experience neccessary for a 21st level character, or do they have to make up the debt?

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Ideas for sleeping groups

The group I'm DMing has been "scouring" an enemy stronghold (actually a burial mound/temple). However, they keep making the mistake decision to rest within the stronghold overnight, with a single party member on guard.

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I'm running out of ideas of "unkind" things to do to them while they sleep in the mound. Keeping them up all night (noise, nightmares, etc) so the spellcasters can't rest is something I'm saving for later. Wiping out the party while they sleep is not an option.