March 2nd, 2004

Half-dragon question

My friends & i are starting a new campaign & i wanted to do something different for my choices were either a stayr rogue or a half-dragon fighter...i ended up with a half-black dragon/half-moon elf rogue [*evil grin*]
but my question is do i calculate the skill points per level? do i just take the rogue class skill points or do i take those & add the dragon/half-dragon skill points?

i really don't know...any help would be great =) as a half-dragon w/wings would it be wise to take feats like flyby attack & hover? [for my first level feat i took Clinging Breath*]

thanks in advance
Later graves
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Running new campaigns...

Still new to gaming (6 months), I'm totally addicted to D&D and would love to start running a Dragonlance campaign. I have the campaign books and am reading the tradebooks, but I'm a little stuck on where to start. Since this is my first campaign, I'd like it to be something that I don't have to know every since detail of Dragonlance history, and something that won't threaten to change the history of Dragonlance itself. Something minor and inconsequential, but within the cultural boundaries of the world.

So, how do you guys decide on campaign topics? What kind of ideas can you give me for a starting hero plot? I'm a writer, so I'd like to have a plot of some kind. Can you suggest some 'plots' that would be fun for the adventurers but not disrupt the world too much? Where do I start? Help!