February 23rd, 2004


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does the paladin's detect evil ability allow him to detect evil items or just evil aligned creatures? i can't remember. would a paladin recognize an evil weapon as an evil weapon?
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I am looking for RPGA Herald Level GM's.
Sometime in May i'd like to run a tri-state Gameday in NYC. There are not many RPGA Gamedays or Conventions in NYC and I hope to slowly change that.

Right now i'm looking for 5-15 Herald Level GM's willing to run any of the Living Campaigns or Legacy of the Green Regent.

I also need people who want to play D&D Miniatures for DCI World Standings.

So far a date in may is not set. Before i try getting a solid date, i need to confirm a few GM's. 5-8 works for a decent majority in a pinch.
Here is a link to ENworld where i'm organizing this little event.
Enworld Link
The RPGA Convention Board link

The majority of updates will be found on those two boards.

Anyone intrested in DMing should post over at Enworld and give me their email address too add to the master list.

Thank you!