February 21st, 2004

  • espher

Any prestige classes with a focus on golems (3E).

I'm currently designing a character for a campaign who is going to be either a wizard or a cleric (or, possibly a mystic theurge) with a golem 'pet'. The golem will end up doing most of the actual combat, and the charcter itself (I haven't determined gender yet, heh) will be focused on casting protective and augmentative magic on it. The reasoning behind this is our current party has very little combat muscle (when you've got two clerics, a rogue, and a coure eladrin stomping around, you generally don't fare too well in combat), but is also missing the utility an arcane caster would provide.

I'm trying to see if there's a prestige class out there that fits what I'm looking for - something to improve/augment constructs, or perhaps to build them cheaper, or anything of the sort, really. Heck, failing that, I would be thrilled to have something that may not do any of those things, but just fits in flavour with the type of character I'm designing.

Failing that, are there any feats that do any of those things? If so, I may go straight wizard. I'm not trying to min-max here, just trying to flesh out the details. It's a sad, sad day when I can only decide on one or two feats.

Also, while I continue to ramble on, would a cleric (with an attempt to get the domains Protection and War perhaps) or a wizard be a better bet for this kind of focus? Would I be best to simply go the powergamery route of Mystic Theurge? We're level 13 for the curious.

Thanks for tolerating my presence :)

Edit: Grah, the simple reason as to why, which I just read (can ya tell I don't really look into golems much) is that you need to be at least 16th level for most, if not all, of the golems. Fun stuff. Guess I better go back to a summoner. If anyone has any ways to... get around this limitation, that'd be great. I may just ask the DM if I can get someone else to build it for me until I hit that level.
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