February 2nd, 2004


Hullo, name's James. Fairly new to D&D. Started on 3rd ed rules a couple of months ago. Currently I'm in two games, both pretty wonky campaigns.
I've got the campaign book and the back knowledge, so I'm about to start a 3rd Ed. DragonLance campaign, just because I've been reading the books for about 7 years now, and I dearly love the wonderous world of Krynn. (In fact, the DM in one of the games is quite tired of hearing me talk about it, and my character in the other campaign is a Kender.)
So yea, stumbled upon this community while searching for dragonlance communities, thought I'd join for useless nerd talk, and possibly input/ideas/comments on my game once it gets started.
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Players wanted...

I'm looking for some players who live around Frederick, Maryland to join a new campaign I'm starting with some friends who've I've lost touch with. There's only the three of us so far so if any one's interested give me a shout!!
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