January 22nd, 2004


(no subject)

i'm running a game where my players are exploring a flooded dwarven mine. last week they figured out how to drain the mine and have nearly repeled the current residents of the upper levels. next week they will begin to explore the lower levels. any ideas for interesting encounters or puzzles i can throw at them? i've got one thing planned with a broken hammerer (MMI, automaton). i'd like some ideas for interesting stuff i can throw in. i've got some traps that have survived the ravages of time and water, and some waterlogged undead and mechanical creatures for them to deal with. but i'd like something more interesting than the typical hack and slash. i was thinking of having the ghost of a bard, maybe a riddling game. anyway, anyone got some clever tricks up their sleeve? something fun and interesting. this is a group of five 4th level pc's if that makes a difference.