January 11th, 2004

Pride & Prejudice // Darcy is Happy!

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Okay, funny story, then a question for you all:

My cleric has been known to do some pretty ding-batted things. She's a cleric of Sune... of course she's going to be excentric! And ontop of that, she's an Aasimar with a strong lineage of Sunite followers, going all the way back to her celestrial ancestors... so strong of a lineage, that she was born with the blessing of metalic red hair. This, of course, has given her quite the ego...

Anyway. She's been known to do some pretty stupid things. In fact, her opinion is normally looked over and/or ignored, but then found to be correct. Last game was no exception.. when they were trying to figure out where to go next, Summer Roe stood up and declared loudly "The place we belong is the place we do not wish to attend!". The other Harpers shrugged her off, but then found out that they were to go to Mulhorandi, then through the desert to the land of the halflings.. the exact place everyone (aside from Summer wanting to visit her homeland [Mulhorandi]) said that they wouldn't go to. When she hits a nail on the head like that, most people shrug it off as an odd coincidence. Why? Because then she goes and does something absolutely stupid, like yelping and hugging The Soul after he promised to free the Mulhorandi slaves upon their return. Yeah, stupid thing to do, especially since they were standing in the middle of Hoard members out at the market.

Well, not too long after that, we were doing something and our GM happened to ask me what Summer's Wisdom was. I answered him- "Oh, its a 34!" Yes, thats right.. an Aasimar Cleric of Sune with a wisdom of 34. After that, a fellow player that also GMs one of our games practically threw his dice in the air and said "I will never, never, NEVER allow anything that worships Sune to have a wisdom that damn high! Its like.. like an oxymoron!!!"

Anyway, on with the question:

All of the Sunites that we have in any of our games always end up being very dim-ish and airheaded. We've always got the type that spend way too much time in the temple "worshipping Sune" through wild orgies and such. Is that just some weird thing that we do, or is it common knowledge that a Sunite is a little off?