January 6th, 2004

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Long-Time Reader, First-Time Cleric

Hey, all. This feels really foolish, but I'm going to be playing a Cleric for the first time. We're playing a 3.5 game and I've decided to try the Cleric. I have a faith in real life and find it extremely interesting to play a kind of holy warrior/priest. The problem is, I've never rolled up a Cleric before. I know the basics, but what gets me is picking a deity and then the domain.

Our DM is limiting the gods we can choose from because of the world he's created. It's a pretty cool concept. The gods he's allowing are all from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. So, I've basically boiled it down to Kelemvor or Helm from the list he's given (only 6 on the list).

So, how do I do this now? Once I pick my alignment and my deity, what next?

Sorry to ask such a newb question, I've just never rolled up a cleric before and have never paid attention to the process when others have.
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Hiro from Heroes


my D&D group is down to two players and a DM

is there anyone in the grand rapids area that would be intersted in playing

we play every friday night from 5 pm to 10 or 12 pm

experiance is prefered but newbies are welcome [since we were all newbies once]

but you need to be reliaible and be able to be there every friday at 5 unless something comes up and you let us know ahead of time.

we need more people!!!