January 5th, 2004



"You are in a tavern celebrating your recent vitory over Og the Extremely Evil. In the middle of your festivities a dishevled hobo strolls in, collapses and dies. he has a black, obviously poisoned dagger in his back. he's clutching a crumpled map in one hand and holds a glowing golden key in the other hand. What do you do?"

"I order another round."
"I want to kill the bartender, I think he might have been rude to me earlier."
"I want to try and pick up that cute bus-boy you mentioned when you described the bar."
"I continue my conversation about unicorns and how cute they are with that charming halfling I met right after I noticed my purse was missing..."

***EDITED: i suppose i was askign for it making this post. still. this is a JOKE. it didn't happen. i didn't use the hook, that's not how they responded.