December 16th, 2003

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A friend asked me this

Here is a wonderour D&D question that actually refelects on reality and yet at the same time does not.

Experience is given to a character for combat and for non combat situations. In reality obviously we have to deal with situations quickly and with the benefit of player knowledge but here is the question at hand, what situations warrent experience. If so what lvl are we and what class are we all, Im gonna assume that most of us are either experts or commoners but still what lvl are we all...
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I plan on releasing a monster tome soon, at first i planed on doing it all by my self but now i think that its too big of a task for one person. So if any one wants to help out by doing art (there own critters or mine) or submitting a monster that would be really cool. I even created </a></b></a>d20_monsters for people to submit there work. thanks!