November 23rd, 2003

Hiro from Heroes

(no subject)

i was wondering if i was right in thinking that in order for a druid to prepare new spells for the day, he/she does not have to sleep for a full 8 hours?

in the book it says:

preparing divine spells: time of day: divine spellcasters do not require a period of rest to prepare spells.

and also:

recent casting limit: as with arcane spells, any spells cast within the past 8 hours count against the number of spells that can be prepared


if a druid sleeps for 4 hours, then takes a turn to watch the camp overnight for 4 hours, can they still prepare their spells the next morning?


DnD online....

Heya people, I've been looking for a good long time for a program or anything that could help me run a campaign that's online only (preferably in realtime).

I've got some friends in Cali and I'm in Texas, so meeting at the old apartment every Saturday just isn't going to happen ya' know. So any advice, programs, message boards, etc out there?

I know there must be something, because I've seen people talk about RPGing online before. So any help would be much appreciated.

Physical adept

Anyone know of a good physical adept (monk/sorcerer) progression? Or better yet, a 20-level class? I'd rather not have to spend time I can't afford on trying to work one out, but if there's no other way...