November 21st, 2003

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Has anyone ever thought of making a screenplay out of "The Crystal Shard" by R.A. Salvatore?

I've thought about it for a while....with the success of the LotR movies, it could open the door for more fantasy genre movies. It'd have to be much better than the "Dungeons and Dragons" movie....yes yes I'm sorry for even bringing that horrid film up but its a dnd based film...I guess.

Some people might say "start with Homeland" ...but I personally think the whole underdark scene might be a turn off for normal movie-goers. Not to mention the whole lightless world. Perhaps a flashback or two?

I've looked over the novel, not major just skimming for ideas, and thought it could be easily done. But would it float? WotC could make a fortune....i'm sure they'd dig that. Leeches.

Anyways...who would you cast for...

Artemis? (not a large part, so maybe someoene big for a cameo....or a greater role is the whole trilogy was made.)
Akar Kessell?
and the rest....

Other thoughts?

P.S. I'd really like to see "Vampire of the Mists" as a movie. Probably the best Ravenloft novel I've read...ok i've only read about 5 or 6 Ravenloft novels :)
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Me again. Last night, my DM and another of our group and I got together and started work on designing our characters and afterward set out on a tiny sample adventure. You can view the beginnings of my character behind the lj-cut. as always, comments are groovy.

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