November 14th, 2003

Pirate Bug

Dice Vice

Okay. This is gonna be x-posted in a billion and a half gaming communities, but eh.. you'll get over it. I need advice!!

Lots of people in my gaming group have these little things that they go through to get their dice ready. Tiffany puts them in her bra. Jim shakes them steadily for about five minutes before we play. Mike's are with him always.. and yes, I mean always, so they don't feel "neglected". Jess claims to bathe his dice in the blood of a virgin, but I'm a little unsure about that one. Anyway, they all have this ritual, and sure enough.. their dice roll wonderfully. If its Champions we're playing, their d6's roll low.. whereas the same dice will roll super high in Dragonlance. I don't get it. I have one whole dice that always does what I want it to do, and thats a d20... which I only use in D&D games. Meanwhile, in my Champions game, I roll either right on 11 (the lucky number) or higher. Means half the time I don't have a chance. But the same d6's will roll super low when I need them to be high in D&D. I don't get it!!

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask all of you if there is some ritual you go through.. some quirk, some special knowledge, anything that can let me know what you do to ensure that you get the perfect roll.