September 9th, 2003

  • jaycash

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So, I finally found another campaign to play (funnily enough, it's with the exact same group, just in a different place, a different day, and a different DM who is a player in our first campaign).

We're going to be using the Oriental Adventures book, but I don't think we'll be using it exclusively and I don't think it'll be in the Oriental Advetures world of Rogukan (sp?). We'll be using a combination of the regular 3E Player's Handbook & the Oriental one.

But, alas, I am stumped on what to play. I'm playing a half-elf ranger in the original campaign (a regular, DND3E world) and I've already played a monk before (I'm new to DND, so I would like to play something else). I do know that there is already a half-orc barbarian, so that's out, of course. What do you guys recommend, based solely on the information I've provided, regardless on what kinda stuff I prefer?