September 3rd, 2003

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I'm having a little trouble picking the two initial feats for my first-level half-elven fighter (who I'm planning on multi-classing to ranger because it makes sense with the character and the confines of the campaign).
I have the Quintessential Fighter, Sword and Fist, and, of course, the Player's Handbook, at my disposal. What do you recommend? Here are my scores and weapons:

STR: 17
DEX: 17
CON: 15
WIS: 14
INT: 12
CHA: 13

To begin with, I'm using a greatsword (two-handed weapon for my medium-sized character), a light crossbow, and a dagger, with a buckler and studded leather armor. I plan on taking the ranger class (which comes with two-weapon fighting and ambidexterity), so I'm going to end up dropping the greatsword for a bastard sword in the first five levels.

Right now, I have toughness chosen (for the +3 hit points because the other 5 members of the party are 3rd level) and improved initiative. I was thinking about taking power attack as well as two-handed power strike (quintessential fighter) so I'd have a full +6 instead of +4 to my damage with the greatsword and having power attack would allow me to pick up cleave down the road, but I would like to have more hit points (I'm at 12 right now, whereas everyone else is in the 20s). Or I could go a completely different way and take point blank shot or weapon focus for my bow and be more of a sniper until I get more hit points.