July 18th, 2003

Me and my boy

3.5 is here.

Since 3.5 is here, I was wondering if this is an appropriate venue to discuss it. What do people like/don't like as long as we can all be civil. I got mine a few days ago, and still am going through it to find the changes.

One of my gripes, which is left over from 3e and wasn't changed, is that why can a character choose to buy a tower (50k gp) [described as three stories tall, round or square] or, for 5000 gp extra, a character can buy the deluxe model with walls of adamantine, a door that can only be opened by the character (knock doesn't even work), and can shrink to the size of a small cube for the adventurer on the go. [Daern's Instant Fortress, 55k gp, described as a 20 ft. square tower 30 ft. high]

I know which one I'd want.