June 18th, 2003

Prestiege Class - Bard/Cleric

This is my first attempt at a PrC, so please be nice. (Honest, but nice!)

This class was built out of our group's need for a cleric. We had one for the first ten or so levels, but then the player's real life became an issue and he quit, leaving my bard as the only healer once his character was able to retire in the story. She'd picked up all of the cure wounds spells, but not other spells like remove curse/disease/poison that clerics usually take care of because well, we thought we'd always have a cleric. We've been unable to find anyone that really meshes with our group, to play a cleric and starting a new character isn't an option for any of, we're all pretty attached to our characters.

I've looked for HOURS for a good bard/cleric PrC but haven't been able to find anything, so I created my own. Note that the MINIMUM level you could be to even start taking ranks in this class is 10. My bard is 15th currently, so she won't even start until 16th.

I know that it's still somewhat overpowered, so I'm really looking for suggestions on toning it down a little without destroying the purpose: having all of the "basic" cleric abilities in a high-level bard prestiege class. Also, some of the wording is probably awkward in some places, so please help me identify those places. Thanks!

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