March 12th, 2003

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Hi. I'm just about to start an online d20modern campaign based on the magazine weird newjersey, and i'd like some help choosing my character portrait. we're starting out at 3rd level, and i'm going to be a fast/charismatic hero, starting occupation dilletante. i'm a 21 year-old student at princeton from greenwich, ct, and it's important to me that my character be cute and trendy. i'm not snotty, just popular and a little naive. my name is portia. please let me know which of these pictures you think suits me best, and if you have any ideas for a rich-sounding last name, i'd appreciate that too. if you have any questions about my character, i'd be happy to answer them. this is my first post to this community, and i am pround of my geekdom. yay!

thanks for your input!
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