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D&D 3E
Ok, I'm running an evil campaign around the Sword Coast North… 
3rd-May-2005 04:31 pm
Ok, I'm running an evil campaign around the Sword Coast North (Forgotten Realms). I am allowing one of my characters to play a Lawful Evil Paladin. I see this as possible because a larger evil church with just as much structure as a Lawful Good Church would have need for a divine crusader. I just changed things like smite evil to smite good, special mounts can be evil in nature, and using the Blackguard spell list amongst others. I figure she can be righteously about spreading evil through the world and conquering the forces of good. Does anyone see any problems with this or have any extra suggestions?
4th-May-2005 03:16 pm (UTC)
Check out UA. And about the personality, the above post covered most of it, but there's always the individual who's highly intelligent and who does evil to see their effect on the world, but they might not see it as evil, and they usually don't stop after a little taste of evil. Someone who essentially lacks a conscience. But in this character's case, smite good might not be functional as there would have to be some deliberacy behind that smiting of good, which this individual wouldn't have. Then again, the evil by greed role is probably a lot easier to play, but this is just food for thought on evil characters. You go ahead and do what you're going to do.
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