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D&D 3E
Ok, I'm running an evil campaign around the Sword Coast North… 
3rd-May-2005 04:31 pm
Ok, I'm running an evil campaign around the Sword Coast North (Forgotten Realms). I am allowing one of my characters to play a Lawful Evil Paladin. I see this as possible because a larger evil church with just as much structure as a Lawful Good Church would have need for a divine crusader. I just changed things like smite evil to smite good, special mounts can be evil in nature, and using the Blackguard spell list amongst others. I figure she can be righteously about spreading evil through the world and conquering the forces of good. Does anyone see any problems with this or have any extra suggestions?
4th-May-2005 06:32 am (UTC)
Besides just spreading evil for the sake of spreading evil?

Evil people aren't evil because they think it's a cool philosophy. Unless they're insane, and then anything goes. Most cultists in the service of some evil gods fall under that "insane" category. Evil people are evil because they are greedy, selfish, powermongering jerks who do evil not for evil's sake but for the rewards that evil can garner. The evil churches in power don't seek out good. They seek out those who would take power/money/goodies away from them, be they evil, good, or neutral in alignment.

The "paladin" in question would likely be more about garnering power for her church and herself in the long run. If this includes smiting some do-gooders in the process, so be it.

As for your Lawful church, I am of the opinion that Smite Chaos would be a more appropriate ability for their dedicated knights. Not only would this be justifiable to the populace but it would fit with the whole "ruling theocracy" thing. I would think that there would be just as many evil opponents to this church as there are good. Possibly more. The smite chaos thing would take care of a lot of those as well. Additionally many people who would oppose such a church might be chaotic simply for the fact that they would choose that ethos because the ruling body is structured and lawful. Order might be, by proxy, evil to these rebels.
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