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D&D 3E
D&D 3.5 Books 
29th-Jun-2003 11:24 am
Wolf phoenix with kanji
I fgot to look at the 3.5 books at Origions...They are sweet! 180 new pages have been added between the three core rule books. The classes I looked at seemed to be well revamped. The MM has new things added, like playing tips on how to use them in battle and a whole buch new stuff...

All in all the books are sweet...Plus I love the new look of the covers.
29th-Jun-2003 09:20 am (UTC) - hmm
Are they worth trying to rebuy them, even tho' you already have the original set?
29th-Jun-2003 10:35 am (UTC) - Re: hmm
It's all new revised stuff. It fixes a lot of the problems with the game.
29th-Jun-2003 11:48 am (UTC)
I believe it would be worth it..Alot of new content has been added as well as the revisions.
4th-Jul-2003 12:21 am (UTC)
since 3.5 is out..is the SRD changed now?
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