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D&D 3E
This is my first post here. So here's the story: I've been playing… 
26th-Apr-2005 05:43 pm
This is my first post here. So here's the story: I've been playing D&D 3.5 for about a year now, which is exactly as long as I've been dungeon mastering (I was the guy who got picked for the job of dungeon mastering right from the founding of our group). I enjoy it very much, but I have some problems with the process of making up adventures and campaigns. I have not and do not want to use a published campaign setting as I feel that it might compromise my own creativity, but at the same time I'm not confident with my method of world building because I don't know any other dungeon masters, meaning that just about everything I do originates from my own head and the DM guide. So basically, I'm interested in: 1)Other peoples' takes on using campaign settings, and 2)some methods of world building from those who do make up their own worlds and adventures. I would go on the Dungeon Master's Guide, but I don't think it would give me as many perspectives as I could get from veteran players and dungeon masters.

Currently, my method goes as follows: 1)Design the area/s that the players will begin in, 2)let the players have fun with the various lures and adventures I've loosely laid out, 3) plan the next segment or piece of my world according to the players' actions. It's a fairly roleplay intensive style of play that I do as well.

Also, I've been trying to implement history into my world, as I think it creates an entirely new dimension to the world, which makes it more believable. Some takes on that would be interesting too.

Thanks folks.
27th-Apr-2005 04:15 am (UTC)
One thing I have found helpful is to decide what is happening whether the PC's directly interact with it or not.

Sometimes making a map helps. Then you can ask yourself questions like how did that get there? Why is this here? Where did this place get it's name. Places are organic. A town develops around SOMETHING, then that town has SOME type of relationship with the towns nearby which leads to other things.

I'm going to give you a link to the page I created for the game I'm running now. It is a small part of a world I've created. While you are welcomed to use it, it may be more useful to you to see how a world develops, and the amount of detail you need to run a campaign in a world (which is likely not as much as you think). Check it out, don't mind the under construction parts, then develop your own as you see fit.

Just click the "West End" Link at the bottom when you get there to go to that page. There is a link to running a game in West End which should tell you all you need to know. If you need more specific advice you can feel free to email me.
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