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Arcon IV

Greetings from The StoryTellers' Guild!

We're pleased to announce that Arcon IV will be taking place from April 15-17, 2005 at SUNY Oswego. We've changed locations from the large athletic building, Laker Hall, to Hewitt Student Union. What this means to con attendees is small rooms for games, multiple lounges for hanging out in between games, and access to a snack shop during the day. We're excited about our move, since it will allow us to give GMs individual spaces for their games and will provide all attendees with a much more hospitable facility. There are directions to the new facility below.

This year we're looking forward to an awesome convention. We have another great lineup of roleplaying games with a variety of systems to choose from. D&D
3rd Edition, World of Darkness 2.0, Deliria Street Theater, Minds Eye Theater LARP, HackMaster, Shadowrun, and others will all be played. Board games, Magic free play and tournaments, and video games will all be at your disposal as an Arcon IV attendee. We even have a poker tournament in the works! Dont forget the 48 hours of anime and vendor room!

As a special treat for our guests, we're also having a few special guests this year. Kevin DiVico, who has brought you fine games such as Deliria will be attending. Aside from his involvement in a Deliria LARP, we are also planning some other events like a writers workshop and panel discussions.

Also participating in these events will be C.J. Henderson, a published author of Mythos horror and detective stories among other things who will also be participating in a panel on

You can find out more about Deliria at www.laughingpan.com

C.J. Henderson's web page can be found at www.cjhenderson.com

Another change we've made this year is our date. Instead of the first weekend in May, we've moved to mid-April. We hope this will be
much more convenient for student friends of Arcon who may have had finals just before or after our previous convention weekends. (We did, too!)

Run an Event at Arcon IV
Arcon GMs receive admission discounts. Any game run waives the entry fee for that day, and two games run reduces the entry fees for
the whole weekend to $5. This excludes events with special fees, and there arent very many of those. If youre interested in running an event, by
all means submit the information to us! You can either email us at stg@oswego.edu, or use the handy-dandy form at http://www.oswego.edu/~stg/arcon. The
form details all the info we need for listing your event in our convention booklet.

Arcon Fees
Arcons first slot begins Friday night at 6PM and the last slot finishes at 5PM on Sunday. Night events run until 2AM, but the building
and Anime Room will remain open for all 48 hours. Arcon fees are $5 per day, and $12 for the weekend. Some events that involve materials, such
as the Magic Booster Draft or boffer workshop, will require an extra fee. You can register on-site starting at 4PM on Friday.

Directions to Arcon IV

South: If you are coming from the south, take I-81N to exit 29 towards Oswego. This will take you onto I-481-N.

East: If you are coming from the east, take I-90 W to exit 34-A towards Syracuse/Oswego. This will take you onto I-481 North.
From I-481 N, remain on the road until it reaches Oswego. Take a left at the second light (there is an HSBC on the left corner). This is Rt.
104. Follow 104 through downtown Oswego, where there will be several lights. When you reach the bottom of a large hill (next to a McDonalds) stay in
the left lane and go straight. After less than a mile youll come to an intersection with a traffic light, and a large sign marking the main entrance of SUNY Oswego. From the entrance road, make a right and then a left, and Arcon IV parking will be on your left.

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