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D&D 3E
First campaign 
9th-Mar-2005 09:19 pm
Victor "Anole" Borkowski
Hello people, I am going to start DMing for a group of my friends, some experienced power gamers, some roleplayers, and some newbies... I have come up with a plot but I am struggleing with developing apropriate encounters...

Advice request within :)
Okay, so, my basic plot is that in the service of a very new evil demigod, an Atarnia (I forget which book this is from, but they are a kind of demonic wizard) is working at corrupting good people and then killing them, turning them into larva for the god to use instead of having them become petitioners or proxies of good. He's doing this with the help of an Unseelie Nymph/ Half Fiend druid on the prime material plane and then a Night Hag on the planes... So I have a couple ""Bosses"" Set up. Only problem I am having is that I think I have potentially made the Nymph too tough for them to be able to kill... and then I realize that I have done this on purpose because I really don't want to kill her off... I guess she's charmed me despite me being gay hehe...

Anyway, the group is most likely going to consist of a sorceror, a wizard, a rogue, a fighter, a cleric, and maybe a monk... Im wondering, what level should a group like that be to contend with this... The Nymph is a 5cr npc... when I add her druid class levels to it and her half fiend template it comes out to a whopping 12... Unless I get CR wrong... and I know CR is messed up, but I was hoping it'd act as SOME kind of guide...

Any help you could offer me for this, the first leg of the campaign, I'd really apreciate it. If I didnt give enough info, it's either because i didnt realize it'd be needed or I didn't know it, so ask me if you think you might have something to say but dont know enough about what i'm doing :).
10th-Mar-2005 03:38 am (UTC)
They could take her with some loss of life at around level 5. If they are around 7 or 8 they will have no problem with her what so ever.
10th-Mar-2005 03:40 am (UTC)
I wouldn't mind killing some of the PCs.. and I might not make them have to finish her... so level 5 maybe. Thanks :)
10th-Mar-2005 03:41 am (UTC)
keep in mind if she is smart.... and you play her smart... they may not. If she can fly. She probably will. If she can shape change she will to get away.... you see my point.
10th-Mar-2005 03:40 am (UTC)
What level are the PCs right now? Also a good way to have a reoccurring villian is to make them HATE the villian. Have her come... kill an NPC they like (family of the PCs is always good) or seduce one to her side... o man, then make that family member attack the PCs!!!
10th-Mar-2005 03:50 am (UTC)
What's happening... or in my plan... is that the bad guys have gone too far and corrupted a Pally who was in some favor of his deity. The deity will send a proxy (dwarf half celestial paladin) to give the PC's the quest to find out what exactly is happening (As the deity lost sight of the pally when he turned evil). The Nymph has been in her forest long enough (over 71 weeks) to acumulate her own band of followers and a 2 mile corrupted forest zone. The proxy will point the PCs towards the village next to the forest and hopefully things will take off from there.

I have the Book of Vile Darkness, so I am having the Nymph basically being a sacrificial machine... using her minions to bring those who have done noteable good deeds to the altar willingly for sacrifice. It's delicious.
10th-Mar-2005 04:34 am (UTC)
Creepy about the larvae thing. I have something similar in my campaign.

I found that resourceful pcs can take out things higher than typical CRs.

If you don't want to kill off the charming one you could have give her a kryptonite weakness that the party can figure out that will scare her off... or something ::shrugs::
10th-Mar-2005 04:38 am (UTC)
Mmm I have decided that her personal motivation for being involved is that the demi-god granted her increased beauty, as an Unseelie Nymph isn't comparable to a Seelie Nymph... and still as a half-demon Nymph with more charisma than a normal nymph or any mortal or immortal she has seen, she is dissatisfied... suffering from a body dismorphic disorder... her body isn't ""right"" no matter what... So... once what beauty she has is threatened, she will wildshape and get the hell out of there...
10th-Mar-2005 04:42 am (UTC)
Definitely a lot of plot possibilities
10th-Mar-2005 04:51 am (UTC)
You know, there is a way better way to do this. If this is going to be a long running game, you can have the nymph be the parties nemesis. Even make her hook up (no puns) with the night hag later in the game for an epic game ending battle. She can drop in on the pc's throughout the game and cause havoc, only to teleport away (with a ring of teleportation) or other form of escape. This will make it SO much better whenever she appears. Imagine if she appears as a gorgeous blonde pregnant woman in the middle of a town, then threatens them. If the party attacks her, the town will rise up against the party who has attacked an (appearantly) innocent pregnant woman for no reason in the middle of town. Make sure the pc's know what the situation is so that they DON'T attack her and can have a wonderful talk/exchange of threats.

The night hag meanwhile could have a some kind of scrying device to see them. A good sorceror will be able to sense the scry, so they will KNOW they are being watched but be powerless to stop it.

You can seriously build up so much animosity that by the time the final battle comes, it will be HUGE! Good setup/story, now make it happen!
10th-Mar-2005 05:07 am (UTC)
Mmm yeah. I wanted this leg of the campaign to introduce one villain and set up the knowledge that there exists some organization... I replied to someone else, but I am going to have them do some work before finding out about her at all, and the sacrificial practices in the forest aren't all that special, not like a Headquarters or anything, though the forest has been her home for some time, I'm planning on having her come from something much older than something so close to a village... anyway, thanks for the input :).

And I kinda made her animal companion also half-demon... stats wise it's pretty funny hehe
10th-Mar-2005 05:00 am (UTC)
All my games start out at 1st level, or somewhere near there. They should work up to finding out about this demi-god. Unless you wanted a shorter campaign. If you start them higher than 1st, they'd need more backstory than a standard character too.

I agree with foxsable, building animosity between villain and heroes is key.
10th-Mar-2005 05:04 am (UTC)
Oh, yeah, as im (working on) replying to him, this is going to be a longer campaign, and they all are starting at level 1. I am just thinking of about how much they need to adventure before first encountering her. I am going to make her escape and level up before they meet again, and her influence will probably extend to the town they will visit, or at least her pressence will cause them to distrust outsiders (losing people to the Nymph and having them raid is hardly helping their trusting skills)... so there is much i could do before they stop the sacrificial gathering in the forest. It isn't like there wont be other places for her to go... she, I guess, is a minion of a deity...
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